Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Post

Danbo studying
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Hi there!

Today I've made an important decision for myself: wrote down an english post for this new blog. Yup, I've made this blog to push my hobby (blogging) become more useful for me, especially to improve my English skill. I want to practice my speaking and writing in English language again and again, so I can become an active English who can speak and write fluently.

My problem is, altough I can understand what people said or wrote, it's hard for me to express my idea in English. I'm a bashful person. I'm too shy to practice English in front of a class. I never speak English until the atmosphere is right. That's why I need to express my feeling and thinking in a fun activity: bloging! I want to build an english atmosphere for myself in my blogging activity, without forgetting my own mother language. FYI, I have personal blog in Bahasa. Visit here if you like.

About the theme of this blog, ehmm, I don't know. I haven't decide it yet. For now, I think I'll just write down about random stuff. I hope I'll get a cool idea for this blog's theme soon. Any sugestion?

By the way, I'm sorry if somewhere in this post (and another upcoming posts) have an incorrect sentence(s) or vocabulary choice(s). Like I said before, I'm not a native. So I hope you (who passing by to this blog) can help me correct my English. :)

Ok, I think that's it for today. Thank you for reading this far. Bye!

Sincerely me,


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