Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blog is a Tool

As I said previousely in my main blog, I want to focus only in one blog. I said, one blog at a time. I had have a blogging targets and one blog at a time helps me focus on maintain my blog and alhamdulillah~thanks God, I can consitently blogging. Blogging in my main blog, of course. I love that blog very much. Unfortunately because of that, other blogs (including this blog) was abandoned. What a pity.

Writing blog often help me think something deeper than before. This activity also helps my mood back and hopefully the reader enjoyed the writing as much as I did, found any benefits from it and inspired them with new ideas. Yeah. I love blogging.

But lately I can not enjoy it anymore. I can not blog my thoughs consistently and correctly as I want. Everytime I want to write a blog, suddenly the ideas just ~puft! gone. If I had have one, the writing process takes my time. I need a looooong time to finish one. I don't know. I just start to correct the previous paragraphs then edit it, then start again but then back again to the previous paragraph, then edit it, then start again and back again. The idea can not flow. It really frustating me!

My husband cheers me up. He said, blog is just a tool. Just write down and let it flow. Just be myself.

I know, I always write my blog posts with all of my heart. Something wrong with me. Now I think this just a reflection of my unsecure and low self confidence feeling lately.

I think I need to repair it first. My self confident.

Oh, I broke the "one blog at a time" will just now, by the way. Haha! Never mind. I try not too limit myself here. Blog is just a tool. Don't be too inflexible. Just write down, Yanet! #Selftalk


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