Saturday, June 13, 2015

Save Money with Honey

It's been a couple of months since the lastest post. Frankly, I still confuse about what topic that I want to share with you here, but I can not help myself from thinking about writing in this blog. Especially when I stuck with my own mind trying to said something in English, like today. So I decided to write something, better be usefull for anyone who stopping by. 

save money with honey
Honey drop
(credit: Wiro/flickr)
Okay, enough for the prologue. This is how I use my honey to save money!

1. As healthy sweetener
The soft of sweetnees and bitterness of honey is a good natural sweetener for beverages and some food. But becareful, don't burn honey because it will caramelize and change the taste (and also the smell). Sweetness will reduce and bitterness will pop up! I don't know about you but I don't like burnt honey. For me, safer to use it as beverages sweetener or breakfast menus (like breads, pancakes, etc) but if you are a reliable chef or cook, of course you can make other delicious and healthy food with honey. :) And remember, healthy is priceless that can't buy.

2. As moisturizer
For you who lives in tropical area like me, and in addition doing fasting, you will notice that your skin will loose its moist. In fact, we are all getting older and our skin getting drier every years, we need to do extra care of it. If you can not effort moisturizer cream for your beauty routine, why don't try using thin layer of honey? Not only moisturize your skin, it can reduce reddness so suit for sensitive skin (like mine). Just remember to wash your skin regularly with proper face cleanser. Avoid soap, better use milk cleanser for daily routine.

3. As milk cleanser
Yup! If you run of your milk cleanser, just use it like if you use regular milk cleanser. Take one teaspoon of honey then heat for about half to one minute, until it soft enough. Then apply it onto your face, use cotton pad to take off the honey, rinse it well, pat it dry with clean towel. You shall feel happy about the result.

4. As moisturizing scrub
Scrubing is very good for skin rejuvenation. That's why we need to scrubing or peeling our skin regularly, but not too often. Use one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of sugar or brown sugar, mix it well and use it like scrub. Avoid the eye area. Rinse it well, pad it dry, and voila! Fresh skin with natural remedy.

5. As night cream
Similar to point 2, but use it in night during sleeping. Just use it in very thin layer and go sleep! In the morning, cleanse your face properly and you'll feel the moist and healthy skin.

6. As lipbalm
Honey is a nice smell, sweet and safe lipbalm. Don't believe me? Just try it!

7. As hand cream and body lotion
Finally, if you are already accustume with honey, you will find it efective for your hand and body treatment. Just remember to use it in very thin layer, otherwise you'll surrounded by ants! ^^

Honey has a lot of benefits. Be creative (but safely) and get the healthy benefits. Beside that, safe your money for some products. What do you think? Have you ever try one of these? Leave your comment below. I think that's all. Bye!


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